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App Builder includes the following new features and enhancements for the Digital Design & Decision Center 2018.12 release.

New name

Supply Chain Planning is now called App Builder.

Edit in DG plugin

The new Edit in DG plugin enables designers to launch a Data Guru project stored in the LLamasoft cloud into Data Guru desktop for editing. When you send a project into Data Guru desktop, all necessary assets are opened on the designer's machine. When the editing is completed and saved, the changes are uploaded automatically to the LLamasoft cloud.

For more information, see Edit a Data Guru project.

Run Data Guru Project and Data Guru Enterprise Job actions in named sessions

You can now create macros with actions that run Data Guru desktop projects and Data Guru Enterprise jobs within named sessions. Configuration settings enable you to specify project or job parameters, database connections, and session scope.

For more information, see the following topics:

Run Data Guru Project action enhancements

The Run Data Guru Project action now uploads a Data Guru project to the LLamasoft cloud. Setting up the Run Data Guru Project action entails specifying the project and any associated data files that you want to upload, selecting a workflow, and choosing a connection.

If you have the Edit in DG plugin installed, you can also launch the project into Data Guru desktop to perform updates.

For more information, see Run Data Guru Project.

Select multiple records along a map line

Planners can click two points on a map line to quickly select all records between the points on the line. Designers configure the widget context system to control where the records are selected:

  • If the map widget is configured to both provide and receive context, records are selected in the map widget where the points are selected.
  • If the map widget is configured to provide context and other widgets such as grids are set to receive context, records are selected in the other widgets.

For more information, see Select multiple records along a map line.

Changes for prior releases

Last modified: Thursday December 20, 2018

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