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Add a connection

  1. On the Navigation toolbar, click Connection Manager .
  2. At the top of the Connection Manager pane, click Add Connection .
  3. In the Connection Details section, provide the following information:
    • Connection Name — a name for the connection.
    • Database Server — the name of the database server.
    • Database Name — the database name.
    • User Id — a user ID with access to the database.
    • Password — the password for the specified user ID.
  4. If you want to turn on integrated security, select the Integrated Security check box.
  5. In the Join Matching Options section, if you want the connection to use foreign key matching, select the Use Foreign Key Matching check box.
  6. If you want the connection to use name based matching, select the Use Name Based Matching check box.
  7. To test the connection, click Test Connection.
  8. Click Save Connection.

Last modified: Monday March 12, 2018

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