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This Supply Chain Planning release includes the following new features:

Supply chain planner enhancements

Pivot grid shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to move vertically and horizontally through pivot grids.

Default recipient list

The default recipient for the email, message box, and notification actions is @@username.

Grid context

Grids can pass context even when an app is configured for single-selection mode.

Grid data refresh from Excel

The display of grid data is automatically refreshed when the data is updated and saved in Excel.

Automatic pan and zoom for maps

When maps are opened or refreshed, they are automatically zoomed and panned to match the displayed data points.

Edin in Excel

edit in excel saved

Supply chain designer enhancements

App message boxes

Apps can include message boxes for interacting with app users.

Email multiple recipients

You can configure email actions to send emails to multiple recipients.

Copy apps, app boards, and macros

Supply chain designers can cut, copy, and paste apps, app boards, and macros.

Multi-statement editor

multi-statement editor

MAcro iterator

macro itrerator

New Log Event action

Supply chain designers can use the new Log Event action to configure apps to post information to a specified log type.

Supply chain designers can configure apps to execute event actions when a macro completes, fails, or succeeds.

Arrow ends for map and schematic lines

You can add arrow ends to lines displayed in maps and schematics.

context columns

hidden columns

key fields

visual indicator parameter

visual indicator data type

embed app in another app

Map zoom controls

You can use the + and - buttons to control the zoom level of maps and schematics.

Grid column alignment

Supply chain designers can adjust the alignment of data in each column of a grid. Align data to the left, center, or right of the column.

select top records

html content widget

time zone requirement

Supply chain designers can control the visibility of buttons on the widget toolbar.

error action

New tree icons

The Design Studio and Event Studio panes have new tree icons.

add animations

add tooltip boxes

add dropdown widget

Supply chain designers can associate the following conditions with macro lines to create branches in macro flows:
- Action Succeeded
- Action Failed
- Custom Condition

Supply chain designers can configure map widgets to display specified labels with map points.

Last modified: Thursday May 03, 2018

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