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Create branching macro flows

You can assign conditions to the links that connect actions. This enables you to create a macro flow with paths that branch to different outcomes based on which conditions are met.

  1. Map out the flow of your macro.
  2. Add all of the actions that you want the macro to execute.
  3. Connect the macros in the order that you want them to execute.
  4. When you want to make a branch, put two or more actions beside one another and connect them to the same parent action.
  5. Click the link leading in to an action that you want to make conditional, and then click Edit the link.

  6. In the Link Properties dialog box, for Condition, choose one of the following:
    • Action Succeeded — if the action completes successfully, execute the linked action.
    • Action Failed — if the action cannot complete, execute the linked action.
    • Custom Condition — if the action meets a specified condition, execute the linked action.
  7. If you want to display a label for the link, for Label, type the text that you want to appear.
  8. Repeat the preceding steps for each action that you want to make conditional.

Last modified: Thursday December 06, 2018

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