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Assemble an app prototype for review

App Builder provides you with design tools that you can use to create and modify an app with ease. This enables you to adopt an iterative process where you can quickly mock up draft versions of an app for stakeholder review, and then make changes based on their feedback.

  1. Review each of your process workflows with your stakeholders and make any necessary changes.
  2. Upload the models that you are going to use as data source connections to and ensure that they are shared with your users.
  3. Import test data into the system using Excel. In a single Excel file, populate a separate worksheet with test data for the following:
    • Each report widget
    • Each interaction widget
    • Each filter widget
  4. Connect relatable data. This enables you to use the context system to filter your widgets.
  5. Using the drawings you made when planning your user interface, create app boards and populate them with the widgets that are necessary for users to perform their tasks in your app.

  6. Review the app with your stakeholders.

    At this point it's not necessary to ensure that every piece of user interface with interactivity functions correctly or that the app processes the data perfectly. Focus on running through the entire workflow that you have targeted for the app and altering the user interface as necessary. Expect situations where the interface of your app cannot do what your stakeholders want. This is a normal part of app development and will require some creative thinking on your part as the app designer.

Last modified: Thursday December 06, 2018

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