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Add a macro to an app

  1. On the Navigation toolbar, click Design Studio .
  2. In the Design Studio pane, in the Projects section, select an app.
  3. Click Create New, and choose Macro.

    The Macro dialog box is displayed.

  4. On the General tab, adjust or provide information for the following:
    • Name — type a name for the widget.
    • Show On Widget Events Tab — select the check box to allow the macro to be selected when specifying the properties of widget events.
    • Icon — click Choose an icon to specify the icon that is displayed with the macro name in the Design Studio pane.
    • Comments — type notes or a description of the macro.
  5. If necessary, on the Parameters tab, associate parameters or local variables with the macro.
  6. Click OK.

    The macro is opened. The Start icon is displayed in the center of the design surface.

  7. Add one or more actions to the macro.
  8. Click Save.

Last modified: Thursday December 06, 2018

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