Supply Chain Planning Help
Supply Chain Planning Help
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Getting started
What's new
Supply Chain Planning roles
App development process
Logging in or out
Supply Chain Planning interface
Access user account information
View the current release number
Access online Help
Switch to a different LLamasoft application
Install the Edit In Excel plugin
Designing apps
App requirements and design
Assemble an app prototype for review
Further design considerations
Managing data sources
Add a model to
Add a Data Guru project to
Importing test data using Excel
Creating inner joins
Create a dynamic view
Clear the connection cache
Building apps
App components
App creation workflow
Managing projects
Assembling and configuring apps
Add an app
Add an app board
Edit an app board
Copy an app or app board
Specify the starting app board
Widget placeholders and layouts
Add a planner widget to an app board
Adding events to app boards and widgets
Planner widgets
The context sensitivity of planner widgets
Edit a planner widget
Copying planner widgets
Add a thumbnail image to an app
Share an app
Creating macros
Add a macro to an app
Copy a macro
Add actions to a macro
Non-UI actions
UI actions
Logic actions
Technology actions
Using parameters to assign values
Add parameters or local variables to a macro
Identify data types
Embed a macro in another macro
Configure an iterator
Creating app themes
Exporting and importing apps
Using apps
Access apps as a Supply Chain Planner
Access apps as a Supply Chain Designer
View and interact with apps
App ViewStates
Move through a pivot grid with the keyboard
Add, edit, or delete grid data
View notifications
Remove data from the global context
How do I
Configure grids for editing
Control which map point fields provide context
Create branching macro flows
Create a custom error message
Embed an app in external web content
Specify number and date formats for grid columns
Logging in and changing your password
Use the Grid widget
Use the Label, Icon, and Button widgets
Use the Map widget
Use the Pivot Grid and Pivot Chart widgets
Use the Placeholder, Panel, and Tab widgets
Use the XY and Pie Chart widgets
Provide and receive context
Use an action to run a Supply Chain Guru model
Configure UI actions and the Delay action
Set up notifications and email alerts
Create manual joins
Send Feedback